about us

Hello dear sports friends,
my name is Kemal Kazanci and I am a passionate football referee in the Austrian regional league.
I have been playing football since I was seven and have gained over 600 matches on the football field over the past few years, and I now use this experience to support athletes around the world.
At the age of 18 I decided to become a referee and was part of the Austrian talent squad for 8 years, from which I had to retire due to an injury. Now I am leading games in the 3rd highest soccer league in Austria.
For years I have been thinking about how I can revolutionize the sport of football. Eventually I got the idea to start my own business and open a shop for referee accessories and team sports. It was very important to me that the customers I look after only use products of the highest quality and that these are offered at affordable prices. In order to be able to realize this, I have teamed up with some large partners and developed my own products bit by bit.
Today I can look back on a shop with a healthy mix of already available products from various manufacturers as well as products from my own production.
We also supply and support sightings and talent squads worldwide. Among other things, the federal leagues of Austria, Russia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan and Turkey receive our main products, such as the electronic radio flags, the free kick spray, the headsets or the jersey folders.
At the moment we are supplying individual athletes and clubs with equipment from professional football to the latest amateur league. It is important to us to maintain a healthy mix between the professional and amateur leagues in order to continue to expand and strengthen the existing community in football.
We are pleased that you heard about us and are happy to advise you at any time.
Sporty greetings,
Your Kemal Kazanci